• What are the qualities of a great vet? Experience? A modern facility? A large staff? At Northbrook Animal Hospital of Brooklyn Park and Coon Rapids, we believe that while all of these things are important, the one thing that makes a good vet great is time. It’s about being patient and thorough with our care. It’s devoting our undivided attention to you and your pet so you both know how important you are to us. We believe our approach makes all the difference and we’d love to demonstrate to you. The patients we treat include dogs, cats, pocket pets, reptiles, and other exotics. Are you looking for a Brooklyn Park or Coon Rapids vet? One that places the needs of  your pet first and treats you both as a priority? If so, we encourage you to come see us today!

    Basic Gerbil Care

    Have you been looking for a small pet that is easy to care for but super cute to watch? If so, a gerbil may be perfect for you! These tiny … Read More »


    Three Essential Kitten Care Tips

    Are you bringing a kitten into your home soon? Congratulations! Fluffy will never stop being cute, but she’ll be super adorable while she’s in her kitten phase! Just like children, … Read More »


    Feeding a Bearded Dragon

    Have you recently decided to get a Bearded Dragon? These beautiful lizards are fun to watch, and can make great pets for those who want a slightly unusual animal buddy. … Read More »

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