Spotlight on Your Cat’s Dental Cleaning Appointment

Your haughty cat Socrates is convinced he has life all figured out. This striking black-and-white feline conducts himself with an air of superiority, regarding everyone he encounters as “staff.” However, your know-it-all cat still needs some dental health assistance. Since you want Socrates to avoid painful dental disease, you schedule regular exams and cleanings with your Brooklyn Park veterinarian.

Periodontitis Problems

You’d like Socrates to escape uncomfortable periodontitis, the most often-encountered feline dental condition. This potentially serious problem develops when plaque, a soft blend of food, saliva, and bacteria, attacks your cat’s teeth and gums. Plaque frequently hardens into tartar, causing tooth and root tissues to become irritated.

Initially, you might see gingivitis, or reddish gum tissues. Next, abscesses and infections assault those poor teeth. Your unfortunate cat might suffer from bleeding, pain, horrible breath, and tooth loss. Now that his gum tissues are compromised, bacteria have a free ride into his bloodstream. These merciless organisms can eventually damage your cat’s kidneys and heart.

Harmful “Kitty Cavities”

Socrates and his feline friends can fall victim to feline odontoclastic resorptive lesions, or FORLs. Frequently called “kitty cavities,” these dental hazards form on teeth sides near the gum lines. The cavities eventually erode your cat’s tooth, potentially causing a fracture. An infection can develop in the tooth pulp. FORLs can also cause painful gum inflammation.

Consistent Dental Exams

During each physical checkup, the vet closely examines Socrates’ teeth and gums. This regular attention enables the vet to quickly address emerging dental problems. However, if your cat has trouble eating, develops nasty breath, or begins to drool, take him to the vet without delay.

Cleaning/Polishing Appointments

During the dental exam, the vet might identify tartar buildup or gingivitis. If so, your feline buddy will likely get a complete dental cleaning while he’s under anesthesia. The vet will thoroughly scrub all tooth surfaces, even under gum lines. To discourage further debris buildup, Socrates will receive a beneficial tooth polish that evens out his tooth surfaces.

Home Dental Care

Your Brooklyn Park veterinarian will demonstrate how to safely brush Socrates’ choppers. Use a cat-formulated toothpaste, as that won’t irritate his mouth or stomach. Through consistent dental exams and cleanings, plus home dental care, your feline housemate can keep his mouth healthy. To improve your cat’s dental health, call us for an appointment.

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