Pamper Your Senior Dog With Special Care

Your retriever mix Roscoe thinks he’s the “King of the House.” Although this imposing ten-year-old pooch has always been bossy, he now considers himself in control of your two younger dogs, three cats, and your family. Fortunately, your canine companion’s antics are part of his devilish charm. You’d like him to remain healthy, so you’ve asked your Brooklyn Park veterinary clinic to give him a physical exam and senior dog health program. Tell your vet if you’ve seen variations in your dog’s water and food consumption; or if his urination and/or defecation habits have changed.

Nutritious Senior Diet

Roscoe thrived on his tasty adult dog diet, full of high-quality nutrition for his active lifestyle. He enjoyed top-notch protein, carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. He still needs these important nutrients, but in different amounts. Since he has slowed down, his calorie consumption should also decrease.

First, the vet will evaluate your pooch’s nutritional needs and daily activity level. Next, he’ll recommend a delicious, nutritious senior canine diet. If your dog should drop a few pounds, the vet can prescribe a food that promotes weight loss. If Roscoe had a chronic medical condition, the vet might select a blend that supported his treatment plan.

Comprehensive Dental Care

You’d like Roscoe to avoid dental disease, so you’re happy that the vet recommends regular checkups, including examinations of your dog’s gums and teeth. The vet will prescribe regular dental cleanings, performed while your canine companion snoozes under anesthesia. The vet will also provide you with easy-to-follow instructions for brushing your pooch’s teeth.

Important Canine Vaccinations

You’re surprised to learn that your senior dog still requires vaccinations against dangerous and infectious canine diseases. The vet will consider Roscoe’s age, health status, and lifestyle before giving your pooch the appropriate shots.

Appropriate Light Exercise

Roscoe’s twice-daily neighborhood walks help to stave off harmful obesity. Ask the vet for other appropriate exercise recommendations, perhaps including delightful warm-water swims or gentle fetch games. If your canine buddy seems to experience pain when he walks or stands normally, or navigates the steps, tell your vet. He can recommend medications and/or therapies that should provide some relief.

During Roscoe’s regular physical exams, your Brooklyn Park veterinary clinic will fine-tune his health program. To get your senior dog on a tailored health plan, contact us for a consultation.

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