Guinea Pig Sounds

Do you have a Guinea pig? If so, you have a very cute little pet! Also known as cavies, Guinea pigs are quite adorable, and can pack a lot of personality into a tiny body. You might notice that your little furball makes quite a variety of cute little sounds. But do you know what your furry pal is trying to express? In this article, your Coon Rapids vet discusses Guinea pig sounds.


The most common sound made by Guinea pigs, the wheek is often heard at dinnertime. This sound is a bit like a whistle or squeal, and is most often used to express anticipation. You can actually consider wheeking to be a bit like begging! You may find it interesting to note that wheeking is a sound cavies made up just to communicate with humans: wild cavies don’t make this noise.


The purr is most often associated with our feline friends, but cavies also purr when they are happy. A Guinea pig purr is a bubbling sound. Your little furball might make this noise when eating, grooming, or being petted or held. It is important to watch your pet’s body language: if your cavy seems tense, and the sound is high-pitched, he may actually be annoyed.


If your furry little friend is gnashing his teeth together to make a chattering sound, you have an irritated and possibly even aggressive little furball on your hands. If your cavy bares his teeth, he’s telling you to leave him alone!


Just like our canine pals, cavies often growl when they feel threatened. Your tiny furball won’t sound much like Fido, however: a Guinea pig growl is more of a ‘drr’ sound. Cavies also growl when faced with a major change, such as a new home or owner.


Shrieking can indicate pain, fear, or discomfort in your pet. If your tiny furball starts to shriek, it’s very important that you pay attention and try to find out what is causing your Guinea pig to scream. If your cat is sitting outside your cavy’s cage, licking his lips, it’s probably safe to blame Fluffy for the little one’s distress. Otherwise, your piggy may need immediate medical attention.

Do you have any questions about your Guinea pig’s health, care, or behavior? Contact us, your Coon Rapids vet clinic, anytime!

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