Choosing the Right Doghouse

Do you want to make your yard more dog-friendly? Are you considering giving Fido a little home of his own outdoors? First and foremost, we don’t advocate letting dogs live outside full-time. Your canine friend sees you and your family as his pack, and he’ll be much happier, not to mention much more comfortable, living inside. That said, your pooch does need fresh air and exercise, and he might spend several hours at a time outdoors. If you want to make your furry pal’s yard time a bit more comfortable, a doghouse is a great way to do it. In this article, your Coon Rapids vet discusses choosing the right doghouse.


You may think you’re doing your canine buddy a favor by getting him a huge doggy mansion, but it’s actually better to fit the home to your dog’s size. An oversized doghouse won’t be as warm or cozy for your furry pal. Height is also important. Fido should be able to walk in, turn around, and lay down without having to curl himself into a little ball.


There are many types of options available for material, both for the doghouse and its roof. Wood is the best choice, as it offers excellent insulation abilities. Plastic may be cheaper, but tends to get too hot in summer and too cold in winter, as does metal. When it comes to the interior, avoid using carpet, blankets, or towels as bedding, unless you’re going to diligently keep up with weekly washing or vacuuming. Otherwise, fleas, ticks, and mold won’t take long to move in!


There are some super cute options available for doghouse design, including little log cabins, igloos, castles, and adorable doggy mansions. You can find something that matches your home, or choose something very different to spice up your property. Just remember that Fido’s comfort should always come first.


One thing to keep in mind is that a centered front door is the least effective temperature barrier. A little porch overhang will help with temperature regulation. In winter, you’ll want to add a door barrier to help keep Fido’s home warm. Last but not least, be sure that the doghouse is raised up off the ground a little. This will help with both temperature regulation and flea control.

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