Why Play is So Important to Your Pet

Did you know that just a few short play sessions a day can be very beneficial to your pet’s health? Playing is great for our animal companions, as it offers physical, mental, and emotional benefits. In this article, a Coon Rapids vet discusses some of the reasons why play is so important to your furry friend.

Boredom Buster

You’d get pretty bored just lying around all day with nothing to do, wouldn’t you? Fido and Fluffy are no different! Playtime helps keep our furry friends happy by relieving boredom.

Mental Stimulation

As animals age, many of them suffer cognitive decline, just like people do. Play provides much needed mental stimulation, so entertaining your furbaby may help protect them from age-related mental issues.


Exercise is crucial to your pet’s health and well-being. Obesity can lead or contribute to many serious health conditions in your beloved furbaby, including heart disease, liver trouble, and osteoarthritis. Fortunately, chasing a ball, stick, or laser pointer can really burn off some calories!


Playing is also great for your pet because it helps burn off excess energy. This can really make a huge difference in your furbaby’s behavior. Animals that get plenty of playtime tend to be calmer and less prone to destructive behavior.

Emotional Health

Just like people, an animal’s overall well-being is greatly affected by their emotional health. Keeping your pet entertained will ultimately help keep your furry friend happy.


Taking time to play with your pet will strengthen the bond of love between you. Your furred or feathered friend will know that you’re taking time to pay attention to them and indulge them in something they enjoy.

Social Skills

Playing can also teach pets crucial social skills. For instance, when Fido plays with other pups, he’ll learn some of the do’s and don’ts of interacting with other canines, and with people.

Of course, don’t forget that playing with your animal friend is good for you too! Pets help us relieve stress and anxiety, lower our blood pressure, and put smiles on our faces. Whether your little buddy is a cat, dog, bird, or pocket pet, make time to have some fun with them!

Do you have any questions about your pet’s health, care, or behavior? Does your four-legged buddy need shots or an examination? Call us, your Coon Rapids veterinary clinic, any time!

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