Three Essential Kitten Care Tips

Are you bringing a kitten into your home soon? Congratulations! Fluffy will never stop being cute, but she’ll be super adorable while she’s in her kitten phase! Just like children, kittens need a lot of love, care, and guidance. In this article, a local Coon Rapids, MN vet offers some essential kitten care tips.

Veterinary Visits

When little Fluffy is all grown up, she may only need to see us once a year, but while she’s little, she’ll need a few veterinary appointments. In addition to her initial examinations, vaccines, and microchipping, your tiny furball will need to be spayed or neutered. Also, keep in mind that kittens are very fragile, and can get sick very quickly. Monitor your feline friend closely for any signs of illness, and contact us immediately if anything seems wrong.


Baby felines are basically furry little bundles of curiosity. Little Fluffy will want to explore anything and everything around her. This can lead your tiny furball right into trouble! Be sure to carefully kitten-proof your home before bringing the little one home. Secure all loose wires and drape cords, and pick up any small objects, such as craft kit pieces, that could choke or entangle your furball. Plastic bags, medicines, and household chemical should all be stored safely out of the reach of those cute little paws. Large appliances, such as ovens, dryers, and toilets, should be kept closed, as these things can be very dangerous for a little kitten! Last but not least, be sure to remove any toxic plants.


This is the fun part! Make sure to spend lots of time petting, playing with, and cuddling your furball. We’re guessing this won’t be too difficult! Paying lots of attention to your feline friend while she’s young will help her grow up into a friendly, well-adjusted adult kitty. Remember to teach Fluffy proper manners. Don’t let your kitten play with fingers and toes: this may be cute and funny while she’s little, but it’s not exactly an endearing habit in adult cats! Also, encourage proper scratching habits by getting your baby feline a scratching post and encouraging her to use it.

Does your kitten need shots, an examination, or microchipping? Is little Fluffy ready for spay or neuter surgery? Please contact us, your local Coon Rapids, MN vet clinic, for all of your kitten’s veterinary care needs.

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