Animal Shelter Misconceptions You Shouldn’t Believe

Unfortunately, animal shelters sometimes get a bad rap. Misconceptions about them may even prevent many great pets from being adopted into loving homes! Below, your Coon Rapids, MN veterinarian sets the record straight.

Shelter Pets Are Old
Some people believe that only old, unwanted, and abandoned animals are found in shelters. This isn’t true. The truth is that pets of any age, from puppies and kittens to middle aged pets and elderly animals, find themselves in shelters. No matter what aged pet you’re looking for, you’re likely to find it in an animal shelter.

Shelter Pets Aren’t Well-Behaved
Don’t make the mistake of thinking that shelter pets wound up where they are because of poor behavior. Behavioral issues are just one reason that pets end up in shelters, and it’s not a common one. Issues like unrestricted breeding and abandonment are much more prevalent and are far more common reasons that pets come to animal shelters.

Shelters and Their Pets are Dirty
This couldn’t be further from the truth. Since so many pets are housed together in a shelter situation, proper sanitation and cleanliness are essential for preventing the spread of disease and infection. In addition, the pets in shelters aren’t dirty. Even if they arrive at the facility grimy, they’re bathed, clipped, given nail trims and vaccinations if necessary, and even spayed or neutered in many cases.

Shelters Don’t Have Purebred Animals
We tend to think of shelters as only carrying mixed-breed pets, but this is a misconception. Pets of any type, including purebred animals, can find themselves in shelters. If you or your family have your hearts set on a particular type of pet, check your local shelters before visiting a breeder. You’re likely to find your next animal companion!

Shelters Only Have Dogs and Cats
Typically, we think of shelters as housing only dogs and cats. Think again—many shelters run pocket pet adoption programs and offer critters like hamsters, guinea pigs, mice, gerbils, rats, and other rodents. Shelters may even house birds, reptile pets, and exotic creatures. If you’re in the market for a unique pet, try visiting your local shelters to give a loving home to a pet who needs one.

Do you have questions on the adoption process? Want to set up an appointment to have your new animal friend examined by a professional? Call your Coon Rapids, MN animal hospital today for help.


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