Fido’s Holiday Wish List

Happy Holidays! Have you finished your shopping yet? Finding just the right gifts for your friends and family members can be tricky. Luckily, picking out something for your dog doesn’t have to be difficult at all! Read on for some great doggy gift ideas from a Coon Rapids, MN vet.

Toys are great for Fido! Playing helps keep dogs active and entertained. It also allows Fido to burn off his excess energy appropriately, so he doesn’t resort to bad doggy behaviors like digging or chewing. Be sure to pick toys that are the right size and style for your pup.

Nothing gets that cute tail going like the thought of a tasty treat! You can certainly indulge Fido with some of his favorite store-bought treats. Your pooch can also have some cooked, plain meat without the bones, skin, or fat.

A comfy doggy bed is a wonderful gift for Fido! If your canine buddy is in his golden years, consider getting him an orthopedic bed. Smaller pets may prefer beds with raised edges. Remember to get a cute picture of your dog in his bed!

If Fido has a yard to play in, why not get him a doghouse? Choose one with the door slightly off-center, as this design is best for blocking wind. You’ll also want to make sure your pup’s doghouse is well-insulated.

Elevated Dishes
Did you know that eating from bowls on the floor can strain Fido’s neck and back? Elevated doggy dishes are a great doggy gift!

Automated Ball Launcher
If chasing tennis balls is Fido’s favorite thing ever, a mechanical ball launcher would be a perfect gift for him. Just be sure to get one that is the right size for your pooch.

Does your dog have thin fur? If so, Fido may appreciate a comfy doggy sweater on cold days. Be sure that your pet’s clothes fit well. Also, avoid items with small parts or dangling threads he may try to eat.

Pawdicure Kit
Keeping Fido’s nails trimmed is very important! Why not invest in a pair of clippers with sensors in them? Add paw balm or wax and some booties to his stocking as well.

All of us here at Northbrook Animal Hospital, your Coon Rapids, MN pet clinic, want to wish you a wonderful holiday season. Please feel free to contact us anytime.


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