Getting Your Dog Prepared for Winter

Cold weather is coming! As you start pulling your winter gear out of storage, don’t forget about your canine buddy! You may need to add a few things to your to-do list to get your pup prepared for the cold. Read on as a local Coon Rapids, MN vet discusses getting Fido ready for winter.

Your furry pal may need to eat a bit more than usual in winter, as he will burn extra calories just staying warm. If you have a working dog, puppy, or nursing mama, or if your pup spends a lot of time outside, your four-legged friend may need larger portion sizes in cold weather. Your canine pal may also benefit from certain supplements. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.

If your pet has a thin coat, he may need clothes to keep him warm on frigid days. When shopping for Fido, avoid anything that is tight, itchy, or constricting, as well as items with zippers or small parts. Bringing your canine companion’s measurements with you will help you pick clothes that fit well. Try go get breathable, comfy pieces that are machine-washable.

There’s nothing more adorable than seeing a dog snoozing comfortably in his bed. Make sure Fido has a comfy doggy bed to snuggle up in on those cold nights.

Does Fido have a doghouse? If so, give it a thorough cleaning before winter comes. You’ll also want to make sure that your furry buddy’s outdoor hangout is well-insulated, and raised off the ground a bit so snow and rain will stay beneath it. Hang strips of thick plastic to serve as a windbreak, and put some mats down on the floor. That said, be sure not to leave your pooch outside too long in cold weather. Fido is healthier, happier, and safer living indoors!

Did you know that brushing your dog regularly will help him stay warmer? Fido’s fur has natural insulating properties, but dead fur, dust, and dander can all make your pet’s coat less effective at keeping him warm. Brushing your four-legged friend daily will help him stay comfortable in cold weather. Don’t forget to offer your pooch a special treat after his beauty session!

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