Helping a Shy Dog Shine

Have you recently adopted a timid pooch? Just like people, dogs all have their own unique personalities. While some dogs are very bold and calm, others can be quite nervous, especially if they’ve had a rough past. If your pooch is a shy type, you’ll want to read this article from a local Coon Rapids, MN veterinarian on helping your pup come out of his shell.

Training can actually be a great boost to Fido’s confidence. If your canine buddy already knows the five basic commands, which are Sit, Come, Heel, Stay, and Lay Down, consider showing him some more advanced commands, or even some fun tricks.

Gain Trust
It will take time and patience to gain your dog’s trust. Always interact with your canine pal in a friendly, gentle way, and avoid startling him. When working on training, pick times when you are in a good mood. Dogs are amazingly astute at reading us, and you don’t want to send mixed signals by trying to train your pooch at the end of a bad day.

Sometimes dogs are fearful due to bad experiences in the past. See if you can identify specific things that frighten your dog. For instance, some of our canine friends may be afraid of men, while others might fear certain sounds. If you can identify a trigger, you can help your canine pal overcome his fears. The exact steps needed to help your dog change negative associations will really depend on the type and severity of his fear. Consult a professional for advice.

Positive Reinforcement
Punishment doesn’t work well with dogs, especially those that are already easily frightened. If Fido does something wrong, don’t reprimand him. Just ignore his bad behavior. Keep things positive by rewarding your pup with treats and praise when he does well.

Sometimes it can help just to let your dog be a dog. If your pooch enjoys excursions, take Fido on hikes or to a doggy park. You can also just play fetch with your furry friend at home.

Remember, it will take time, love, and patience for your dog to get over his fears. Don’t expect overnight changes. Just give Fido the care, support, and guidance he needs to shine.

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