How to Tell if Your Rabbit is Happy

Do you have a pet rabbit? Bunnies are very adorable pets, and have been charming us for centuries with their cute faces and lovable antics. Trying to decipher your bunny’s state of mind, however, isn’t always easy. In this article, a local Coon Rapids, MN vet discusses how to tell if Floppy is happy.

Happy Dance
Happy bunnies are full of energy, and are often rather frisky. Floppy may run in circles around your feet to get your attention, or hop up and down when she sees you or wants to play. When doing this ‘happy dance’, your pet may twist in mid-air, or leap around excitedly. This is very adorable to watch!

Floppy has scent glands on her chin. She may rub her face on you to show affection and claim ownership. This is known as chinning, and is not unlike what kitties do when they rub against your legs!

Grooming is part of normal bunny behavior. If your pet is taking care of her fur, she’s likely happy and in good health. Your bunny may also show her contentment and affection by grooming you! A note of caution: over-grooming can be a sign of illness or stress, so if Floppy is constantly grooming herself, check with your vet.

When your bunny rubs her nose against you and gives bunny kiss, she’s showing rabbit affection. If Floppy likes giving kisses, you most likely have a happy bunny on your hands! Your furball may also nudge you with her nose to get your attention. This is another sign of bunny contentment!

Bunnies won’t let their guards down unless they feel safe and secure, so if your rabbit is relaxed, you can take it as a sign that your furry pal is content. If Floppy is feeling tranquil and relaxed, she may sprawl out or roll onto her side, or stretch out on her tummy with her chin on the floor.

Warning Signs
It’s very important for you to know the signs of an unhappy or sick bunny. Screaming; loss of appetite; loud or repetitive teeth-grinding; diarrhea; drooling; fever; wheezing; lethargy; and fur-pulling are all red flags in bunnies. Hiding and/or sitting in a hunched-over position can also indicate sickness. Contact us, your Coon Rapids, MN vet clinic, immediately if you notice any of these symptoms in your rabbit.


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