Keeping Your Dog Active Indoors

Minnesota winters are definitely not known for being mild. While the cold season can be beautiful, it also brings quite a few hassles. Walking your dog, for instance, is not always fun when it’s freezing cold outside. While Fido may want to spend a good chunk of the winter months snuggled up in his doggy bed, he’ll be much healthier if he stays active. Below, a Coon Rapids, MN vet offers some tips on keeping your canine buddy from becoming a couch potato in winter.

Fetch is one of Fido’s favorite games, and it can be played indoors. While you of course don’t want to toss your pet’s toy into an area with a lot of fragile knick-knacks, you can send him running down the hall or across the kitchen. Bonus: you can play this game with your pooch while you’re relaxing in your favorite chair.

Laser Pointer
That little red dot can be maddeningly elusive! Many dogs can’t resist chasing that pesky dot from laser pointers. If Fido is one of them, consider getting him an automated laser pointer. That will definitely get your canine buddy off the sofa!

Stair Runs
Does your home have multiple floors? Fido can get a great workout in just by running up and down the stairs. Grab your pet’s favorite toy, go to the top of the stairs, and call him to you. Then, toss the toy down the stairs. When your pooch brings it back, repeat. It won’t take long for your furry buddy to start burning calories. Note: vigorous exercise isn’t suitable for all dogs, so check with your vet first.

Hide N’ Seek
This is a simple way to get your furry pal moving. When you’re at the opposite end of the house, just call your pooch to you. When Fido comes running, give him praise and belly rubs, so he doesn’t think you called him for nothing.

Treadmills can also be a good way to keep your dog moving indoors. Always put your pet’s safety first: remove Fido’s collar before letting him get on the machine, and make sure not to set it too fast. Also, never leave your pooch unsupervised on a treadmill. Ask your vet for more recommendations.

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