Memorializing a Beloved Pet

Did you know that June 12th is World Pet Memorial Day? If you’ve ever lost a beloved pet, you know how emotionally devastating it can be to have to say goodbye to a cherished animal companion. While nothing can really ease the pain of knowing that furry face will no longer be waiting for you at home, there are some ways to honor the memory of a dear pet. A Coon Rapids, MN vet offers some ideas for pet memorials in this article.

Planting flowers, bushes, or trees is a wonderful way to create a living memorial for your furbaby. Make it special by decorating plant pots or stones with paw prints or your pet’s name.

A scrapbook is another great way to honor a beloved pet. Add your favorite photos, and perhaps include your pet’s collar. You can also write a poem or obituary for your furry pal, and include that as well. You may find the process of writing the obituary offers you a healthy outlet for your grief, and gives you a chance to say goodbye properly.

Memorial Stones
You can go to a local business and get a professional tombstone for your four-legged buddy, but you can also make your own out of a pretty rock. Paint your pet’s name on it, and perhaps add some paw prints or a short quote.

Photo Frames
Digital photo frames can make an elegant and lovely memorial. Get a nice one, and upload your favorite pictures of your furbaby.

Customized Items
You can also have a special piece of art to memorialize your pet. Consider hiring a local artist to paint a portrait from a favorite photo. Or, have a jeweler engrave a pendant, locket, or photo frame.

Help Other Animals
While nothing can ever replace a special pet, there are still countless numbers of sweet, loving animals in shelters and rescues. Doing something to help these homeless pets is a wonderful way to honor your furry friend’s memory. Consider donating money or supplies. You can also look into volunteering, or even fostering.

If you’ve recently suffered the loss of a beloved pet, please accept our sincerest condolences. All of us here at Northbrook Animal Hospital, your Coon Rapids, MN animal clinic, understand how difficult this can be. It’s truly amazing how strong the bond of love is between people and their pets.


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