Moving With Pets

Will you be moving soon? Changing residences can be very stressful for our furry friends, so you’ll want to take some steps to make the process as easy as possible for your beloved pet. Below, a Coon Rapids, MN vet discusses moving with pets.

Pets can get lost very easily in unfamiliar areas. Before moving, make sure your furry pal is microchipped and is wearing current ID tags. If your four-legged buddy is already microchipped, remember to update your records in the manufacturer’s database.

Veterinary Care
Stay up to date with your pet’s parasite control products and vaccines. Keep copies of your pet’s paperwork with you as you travel.

Moving Day
When the movers arrive, put your furry friend in a quiet back room. You don’t want Fido or Fluffy underfoot as your belongings are being loaded or unloaded. It’s very easy for a dog or cat to slip out through an open door! You may want to consider boarding your pet on moving day. That way, you’ll be able to concentrate on getting everything done, while knowing your furbaby is safe and sound.

Always keep your pet in a carrier when traveling. If you’re driving long-distance, do some research in advance, and find pet-friendly hotels along your route. If you have a dog, stop every few hours to let Fido stretch his legs and relieve himself. Cats and car rides don’t always mix, so if your kitty hates traveling, ask your vet about using pet-calming products or sedating Fluffy for the trip.

When you arrive at your new place, put your pet in a quiet room with food, toys, bedding, and, in Fluffy’s case, a litterbox. That way, your furbaby will have a place to acclimate to the smells and sounds of their new home.

Settling In
As you unpack, spend some quality time with your furry buddy. Offer treats and toys to help your furkid relax and form a good association with their new domain.

Yard Check
Check your new yard for poisonous plants. The ASPCA has a complete list here. Remove anything that could potentially hurt your pet. If you have a pooch, check your fencing to make sure it’s secure. You may also need to treat your property to remove fleas and ticks.

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