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Dr. Monica McMahon

Owner, Veterinarian

Dr. Monica McMahon had been interested in medicine since she was a child, and always thought that she would enter the human medical field. It wasn’t until she was married that her mind was swayed; one day, Dr. McMahon’s husband, Mike, brought home an adorable puppy that they named Licorice. Helping Licorice through a multitude of medical issues—colitis, diabetes, chronic ear infections, bladder stones, and more—inspired Dr. McMahon to work with pets full-time!

Dr. McMahon grew up in a suburb of Chicago with her parents, brother, and sister. In 1996, she and her husband moved to Minnesota so she could finish her undergraduate studies in Animal Science and apply to veterinary school. She then attended the University of Minnesota’s College of Veterinary Medicine, graduating with her DVM degree in 2002. In August of 2012, Dr. McMahon bought Northbrook Animal Hospital, adding updates and renovations to turn the clinic into the thriving veterinary practice it is today.

Around the clinic, Dr. McMahon is often called “Auntie M.” This moniker began when her niece and nephews couldn’t pronounce her first name while growing up—the name stuck, and now Dr. McMahon even gets cards from clients that are addressed to Auntie M!

Surgery is one of Dr. McMahon’s favorite parts of veterinary medicine. Being able to fix something and see the end result right away is very gratifying for her. She’s also quite fond of puppy and kitten exams, and loves to start new pet owners off on the right foot regarding nutrition and safety.

Dr. McMahon’s husband Mike works as a Senior Marketing Representative, and their daughter Kelsie graduated with a degree in broadcast journalism from the University of Wisconsin. The family has four cats—Turk, Belle, Emma, and Hemingway—and four dogs named Peanut, Maggie, Annie, and Max.

Between work and family life, Dr. McMahon enjoys reading great books, cooking, traveling, and spending time with friends.

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Photo of Dr. Monica  McMahon

Dr. Genevieve Okenka

Associate Veterinarian

Before becoming a veterinary professional, Dr. Genevieve Okenka was trained as a scientist. While working in biomedical research, she came to realize that she had a passion for educating others. Coupled with her life-long adoration of animals, veterinary medicine provided the perfect opportunity for Dr. Okenka to utilize her scientific skills while passing along her knowledge to loving pet owners just like herself!

Dr. Okenka grew up in Toledo, Ohio and earned both undergraduate and graduate degrees in biology at the University of Toledo. She then moved to Cleveland and began working in biomedical research at the prestigious Case Western Reserve University. Shortly afterward, she decided to take the plunge into veterinary medicine—that’s when Dr. Okenka enrolled at The Ohio State University to become a licensed veterinarian.

Dr. Okenka graduated with her Doctorate in May of 2016 and moved to the Twin Cities shortly afterward. She joined the Northbrook Animal Hospital family in the spring of 2017 as an Associate Veterinarian, and couldn’t be happier to serve the pets and animal owners of the area. In addition to her passion for client education, Dr. Okenka takes particular interest in dermatology work, dental procedures, and pain management.

When she isn’t caring for the area’s animal companions here at the clinic, Dr. Okenka likes gardening, practicing yoga, reading, exploring Minnesota, and spending time with her own pets at home. She and her boyfriend live in Coon Rapids with their two Labrador mixes, Wrigley and Bouncer.

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Photo of Dr. Genevieve  Okenka

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