Separation Anxiety in Cats

Does your kitty come running to meet you when you get home? Does your cat follow you from room to room, making sure to always keep you in sight? If so, your furball may very well have separation anxiety. While separation anxiety is more commonly associated with dogs, our feline friends can suffer from it as well. Here, a Coon Rapids, MN vet discusses separation anxiety in cats.

While kitties may like to pretend that they’re fiercely independent, the truth is they are very emotional, and get quite attached to their owners. Fluffy may feel nervous, depressed, or lonely when left by herself. Separation anxiety can also get worse as time goes by. For instance, if you leave Fluffy alone over a weekend, she may be fine the first day, but could be quite upset by the time you get home.

Signs of Separation Anxiety
Symptoms of separation anxiety can vary from cat to cat. Fluffy may meow more or differently than usual to show her distress. She may follow you around, and/or act very clingy, or go the opposite route and hide. Cats with separation anxiety may also lose their appetites, and sometimes vomit frequently. Your pet may also stop using their litterboxes. Many of these signs can be indicative of serious medical issues, so contact your vet immediately if your cat has any of these symptoms.

Treating Separation Anxiety
There are some things you can do to help your kitty cope with her alone time better. Make sure your furry pal has plenty of toys and entertainment options. In addition to regular cat toys, you can also get Fluffy some DVDs made for cats, or record some documentaries she may like. Even if your furball isn’t all that interested in the program, the sound of music and voices will help keep her from feeling lonely. It’s also important to offer your kitty lots of soft beds and at least one good window view. If you’ll be gone after dark, leave a light on, so she isn’t left alone in a dark, quiet house. If your cat is still young, consider getting her a playmate. Just be sure to think things over thoroughly first: getting a pet is a lifetime commitment!

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