Signs of Dental Issues in Dogs

Did you know that, by some estimates, over 80 percent of adult dogs have gum disease? Dental problems are actually very common in our canine friends. These issues are just as painful for Fido as they are for us, so it’s important for you to know what to watch for. Below, a Coon Rapids, MN vet lists some symptoms of dental issues in dogs.

Bad Breath
Fido has many wonderful qualities, but minty-fresh breath isn’t necessarily one of his charms. That said, if your pup’s affectionate smooches leave you gagging, he may have dental problems. Bad breath is one of the most common symptoms of doggy dental woes. It can also be a sign of other medical problems, so if your furry pal has dragon breath, call your vet right away.

Tartar Buildup
Does your canine buddy have unsightly yellow or brown tartar built up on his teeth? If so, your pooch may very well have gum disease. Gum disease is painless and asymptomatic at first, but can eventually cause your dog’s teeth to shift, loosen, or fall out. Gum disease is also very dangerous because the infection can be carried to Fido’s vital organs through his bloodstream, and can cause or contribute to some very serious health problems, such as heart disease. A good deep cleaning will get rid of that yucky tartar, and fight inflammation and infection.

Lack of Interest in Toys
Fido may not feel like playing fetch if he has a toothache. He may also ignore his chew toys, and just generally act less playful than usual.

If you’ve ever had a toothache, you know how painful they can be. Just like people, dogs can get a bit cranky if something is hurting them. Your four-legged buddy may also shy away if you try to touch his mouth.

Excessive Drool
While some of our canine friends are, well, rather slobbery, excessive drool can be a red flag. Ropy or bloody drool can also be warning signs.

Reduced Appetite
If Fido’s teeth are bothering him, he may lose interest in eating, particularly if he gets dry food. He may also start showing a preference for softer food, or could take longer eating than he once did.

Do you know or suspect that your pet has dental trouble? Call us, your Coon Rapids, MN animal clinic, today! We’re here to help!


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