Springtime Safety Hazards for Your Pet

Believe it or not, spring is on the horizon. Like any season, springtime brings with it a few pet hazards to be aware of! With a few simple precautions, it’s not difficult to keep your beloved companion safe. Learn more here from a vet in Coon Rapids, MN.

Fleas and ticks are coming out of the woodwork this time of year, as are dangerous worms like heartworm and roundworm. As the warmer months progress, mosquitoes carrying dangerous diseases will start to become a threat. Keep your pet safe with preventative medications; a good flea-and-tick preventative and a heartworm preventative should do the trick. Ask your vet about these products if your pet isn’t already using them.

You aren’t the only one who might suffer from seasonal allergies. Did you know that pets, too, can suffer springtime allergies to substances like tree pollen, dirt, dust, and mold? Pets can also be allergic to ingredients in their food, certain materials like plastic or metals, and other substances. If you notice your pet is sniffling and sneezing more than usual as the weather warms up, it may be worth a call to your vet’s office. Medications can help keep your pet comfortable.

Poisonous Plant Life
It’s likely that you and your pet will be spending a little more time outdoors during the springtime. Keep in mind that there are many plants and flowers that pets shouldn’t chow down on. The list includes dieffenbachia, rhododendron (also known as azalea), lilies, tulips, daffodils, oleander, ivy, certain aloe plants, elephant ear, poinsettias, and much more. Visit the ASPCA’s website to find a full list of toxic and non-toxic plants, and ask your vet what kind of dangerous plant life commonly presents a problem in your area.

Cleaning Chemicals
Spring cleaning seems harmless enough, but remember that many household cleaning supplies aren’t safe for pets to ingest. In fact, almost any cleaning substance can cause harm! Everything from standard disinfectants and air fresheners to carpet cleaner and furniture polish could pose a threat. It’s important that you keep your supply closet shut and locked when you’re not using the products inside; that way, your pet can’t gain access. Keep Fido or Fluffy elsewhere if you’re using strong cleaning chemicals.

Does your pet need pest preventatives or a veterinary checkup? We’re here to help. Set up an appointment today with your Coon Rapids, MN animal hospital.


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