Thanksgiving Treats for Cats

Believe it or not, Turkey Day is right around the corner! It’s always great to slow down a bit and spend time with our loved ones over some delicious holiday food. Fluffy is part of the family, too: your furball may be underfoot as you’re cooking, and may very well hop into your lap as you’re settling down to relax after dinner. You can give your kitty a special treat, but you do want to be careful what you offer her, as many popular foods are toxic to cats. Here, a Coon Rapids, MN vet lists some Thanksgiving treats that are safe for your feline friend.

Cooked turkey, chicken, and duck are all safe for our furry overlords. Be sure to remove the bones, skin, and fat first, though: these things are very dangerous for kitties! You also want to skip the gravy: it may be too rich for your feline friend, and could be seasoned with garlic, onions, or other harmful foods.

Certain veggies are fine for Fluffy to eat in small amounts. Pumpkin, squash, green beans, peas, spinach, and mashed potatoes are all safe for our feline pals. Just give your pet her food cooked and plain: never feed your cat anything topped or seasoned with herbs, sugar, or other potentially-harmful ingredients. Of course, not all kitties like veggies: your furball may turn her cute little nose up at your offerings!

Deli Meat
Shredded deli meat can be a great snack for kitties! If you are getting some cold cuts for appetizers, feel free to share some with your cat.

Tuna Snacks
One easy way to give your furball a yummy treat is to just offer her a plain can of undrained tuna or salmon in water. If you really want to pamper your kitty, make her some homemade treats. Mix tuna or salmon with a little plain yogurt and parsley. Then, divide the dough up into small pieces, and cook them at about 350 for 20 minutes, or until they are slightly hard.

Cat Grass
Who says that cats have to eat the same things we do? Cat grass is a great Turkey Day treat for kitties! Pick up a small container for Fluffy at a local pet store.

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