The Cat’s Meow

Do you have a chatty cat, who likes to vocalize about everything? Or is your kitty more of a silent type? Some of our feline pals are very talkative, while others keep their opinions to themselves. In this article, a local Coon Rapids, MN vet discusses the cat’s meow.

The History of The Meow
Did you know that cats may have started meowing just to communicate with humans? Adult kitties rarely meow at one another: they mostly use facial expressions and body language to communicate. Actually, it seems that when we first made friends with our feline pals, it didn’t take them long to realize that plaintive, pitiful cries—especially when combined with their cute faces—were quite effective at melting our hearts, and, of course, getting us to offer them food, shelter, and ear scritches.

Kitty Vocalizations
Kitties actually have a fairly impressive range of vocalizations. In fact, cats make over a hundred different sounds. (In comparison, dogs make about 10.) Of course, some furballs are just more talkative than others are. Fluffy may speak up to let you know she wants dinner right meow, and may loudly express her thoughts on baths and car rides. Your pet may also meow to tell you about the fly in the living room, her thoughts on the weather, or just to demand attention. Some kitties even like to argue! On the other end of the spectrum, some cats just don’t have much to say, and will only meow on occasion.

Talkative Breeds
Breed also plays a role in your pet’s vocalization. For instance, the Siamese is extremely chatty, and has a meow that sounds like the cries of a human baby. The Maine Coon, a fluffy blabbermouth, talks in adorable chirps and chirrups. On the other hand, some breeds, like the Abyssinian, Havana, and American Curl, are very quiet.

Fun Games
If your furball talks a lot, try playing this little game with her. Every time Fluffy meows, meow back at her. Try to imitate her tone as closely as you can. See how long you can keep it going. Kitties are often quite pleased to find their humans trying to speak their language, so don’t be surprised if your cat acts particularly cuddly afterwards!

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