Tips for Taking Fido to the Dog Park

Summer is here! Many of us are taking advantage of the warmer weather to enjoy time outdoors. Our canine buddies also love to run and play outside, and explore new places. One great way to get Fido’s furry tail wagging is to take him on a fun excursion to a doggy park. Just be sure to put safety first! Read on as a Coon Rapids, MN vet offers advice on going to the doggy park.

Preventative Care
Make sure your dog is current on his vaccines and parasite control. Fido should also be microchipped and wearing ID tags. Bring copies of your pet’s paperwork with you. (Tip: if you have a smartphone, take pictures of them, so they’ll be in your gallery.)

Prep Work
Is Fido super active and playful? Tire him out a bit by bringing him on a long walk before you get to the park. That way, he won’t be too rambunctious.

A dog park is a great place to work on training. Have Fido run through his repertoire, and make sure he follows commands like Sit and Come, even when surrounded by his pals.

Before letting Fido play with his friends, observe the pooches that are already at the park. Look for dogs that are acting aggressive and/or bullying other pups. It can be tough to tell the difference between play-fighting and actual aggression, so do some research on doggy body language. (Tip: playful pups will often ‘bow’ before their buddies.) If you see any potentially dangerous dogs, don’t take chances: bring your furry pal for a walk instead.

It may be tempting to catch up on emails or social media, but it’s best to turn your phone off and focus on watching your four-legged buddy.

Many dog parks have fountains, but bring some water along, just in case. Look for plastic collapsible doggy dishes: they are very light, and fold down for easy transport.

If you want to give Fido a snack, be discreet. Handing out yummy snacks in full view of a group of opportunistic, treat-loving pups could cause a ruckus!

Be polite! Bring plastic baggies along, and pick up your pet’s waste before you leave.

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