The internet is a wealth of information – so much so that sometimes locating quality websites can be challenging. That’s why our staff has taken the time to find a few links to share with you that we think you’ll find helpful:

Veterinary Partner

The Veterinary Partner website provides pet owners with information about general pet health and care, nutrition, behavior, first aid and emergency preparedness, medications and various medical conditions. Whatever you’re looking for, if it’s information that will make your pet happier and healthier, you’ll find it here! Try browsing around in the Pet Connection with nationally syndicated pet expert and author Gina Spadafori. You can even submit your question to be answered by a veterinary professional.

Pet Health Network

Pet Health Network is dedicated to the health and well-being of your dogs and cats. This website features a community of people who have dogs and cats as part of their families. The group provides comprehensive and trustworthy information to ensure your four-legged family members live long, happy and healthy lives. Visitors can access a wealth of information to help keep their pets healthy, and a community where people who love their pets go to share ideas, stories, pictures, and more.

Dogs and Ticks

Are your pets protected from these pesky little creatures? This website provides a wealth of information about these tiny little pests, the dangers they pose to your animal companion and the many ways you can help keep your pet safe. You can even complete a quick assessment based on your location to determine if your pet is at risk.

Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society (MCRS)

The Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society (MCRS) is dedicated to improving the lives of companion rabbits. MCRS wants people to know that domestic rabbits can and do make wonderful companions. They teach Bunny Basics classes, maintain a phone and email hotline so that people can contact them with questions or problems, and generally try to keep rabbits and their human companions living happily together. They also do some adoption assistance. Visit the site to learn more.

House Rabbit Society

House Rabbit Society (HRS) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing abandoned rabbits and educating the public about rabbit care. They have over 120 licensed educators and fosterers and 30 local chapters across the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Asia. To date we have rescued and found adoptive homes for over 25,200 rabbits. The HRS website contains a wealth of information about rabbits and their care, including articles, links, pictures and much, much more.

Cat Behavioral Issues

Cats can act out in a wide variety of ways. These unwanted behaviors can cause stress within the home and make it difficult to bond with your furry friend. The Cat Behavior Problems website contains a wealth of information regarding various problems cat owners face, from litter box issues to aggression. Visit the website to learn more.

Dog Star Daily

Dog Star Daily is a free website for dog lovers. The website is a daily online magazine chock-full of news, blogs, and articles about everything from behavior and puppy care to training and much, much more. If you’re looking for information about raising a happy, healthy dog, this website is for you!

Karen Pryor – Clicker Training

Karen Pryor Clicker Training (KPCT) is a leader in the field of animal training and a recognized world leader in the science and application of marker-based positive reinforcement, or what is often called “clicker training.” The company believes passionately in the power of the clicker training approach to enrich the lives of pet owners, animal professionals, and the animals they live with, work with, or study. Click on the link to learn more and to access a variety of other resources related to this type of training.


The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) aims to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States. The ASPCA works to rescue animals from abuse, pass humane laws and share resources with shelters nationwide, which they do through a number of programs. The ASPCA website contains a wealth of information on pet adoption and pet care, including articles, links and more.